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Pegunungan Latimojong ,Indonesia.

Friday, July 13, 2012

hey all. how are you today? if you've read my post last night?
This time we will discuss about a mountain .. want to know?

Chain peaks with an altitude of 3478 masl mario. Mountains are located in the district Latimojong Enrekang this type are inactive and have a lot of peaks and three of them is the highest peak in Sulawesi is a dead end (top) Chain mario 3478 meters above sea level, 3397 meters above sea level Nenemori deadlock, deadlock Ranetekombala 3087 masl. These mountains stretching from West to East, and across from north to south.

The order of the peak - peak Latimojong Mountains stretching from North to South are:
¨ stuck Sinaji 2430 masl
¨ stuck Sikolong 2754 masl
¨ stuck Rantekombala 3083 masl
¨ stuck Rantemario 3478 masl
¨ stuck Nenemori 3097 masl
¨ stuck Bajaja 2700 masl

While the peak of the cross from West to East are:
¨ stuck Pantealoan 2500 masl
¨ stuck Pokapinjang 2970 masl
¨ stuck Rantemario 3478 masl

This mountain can be climbed from various channels, such as the District. Tana Toraja, Kab. Enrekang, Kab. North Luwu, and Kab. Sidrap. But in general, climbers often climb through the District line. Enrekang. It is used to transport access is very difficult to get to the nearest village to the foot Pegununungan Latimojong, this is because at that time, the public transportation between provinces only up around Market Baraka (Baraka Kec.) alone, and to the last village have to walk through bebrapa villages and hamlets, which takes almost the same as the travel time from sunrise until the sun sank. The other alternative at that point, hikers can use the services of a horse, but because the distance is very much so in exchange for these services is not a bit. Indeed, there is added value at the time of walk from the market in Authorship samapai Baraka (last township). Various types of scenery that can be presented more enjoyable, and in addition friendliness of its people as hypnotized relieve travel fatigue. Greetings, smiles, and even an invitation to relax at home or in the garden did not hesitate to offer to hikers, culture is highly conserved by them.

Limited access to transport at that time caused karene road conditions do not allow to pass by a vehicle. But local governments do not stand aside when such conditions, local governments are now trying to build access roads to facilitate transportation in the area, and the results of inter-provincial transportation slowly been able to reach the area near the township last. If the first for a car or motorcycle specific limits on the track only to dead ends Dea (wktu take 1-2 hours to walk Authorship), now the vehicles can reach the essay, with pathways that are fit for adrenaline challenge adventurer.
Mountain climbing Latimojng common pathway (Mario Chain Summit)
Route to the summit of Rante Mario though a footpath but it looks pretty clear. Only hikers are often fooled by the field lines at the beginning of the ascent of the population precisely on the first bridge from the village of Authorship. This wooden bridge is 250 meters from the last house in the village of Authorship. Correct path is to turn right instead of straight across the bridge. A straight (past the bridge) is the path that leads to the farm population, while the right turn lane is a hiking trail. Paths do not cross this bridge is more narrow and not too similar to the route.
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