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Pulau Burung ,Belitung,Indonesia.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hy all .... how are you today ?
I am very happy because finally I have a new laptop so I can re-update this blog for all of you who need information about travel in Indonesia.
and I also apologize because in a month I do not actively update this site.
but for now and the future are concerned you do not need anymore ...
ok well if you still remember with my most recent posts in the last month?
that is Nasi Kuning
for this time we will be talking about an island in Indonesia. want to know what?
let us refer to this article.

Bird Island Holidays Pacific Islands Pacific Islands is the object of which is also adjacent to each other with galangal island, Pulau heels in love, Rock Island and the Island Sailing Pasir.Suasana it was no less beautiful.

Bird Island is called for right front side of the island there is a stone which, according sebongkahan belitung uniquely shaped like the head burung.Dengan's uniqueness, not a few tourists to visit and take pictures with intentionally background stone is shaped like a bird's head.

Beaches around the island of Bird Islands have an average of white sand and sea halus.Air was quite clear and very bersih.Bila receding sea, tourists can go to the boulder birds with just a walking time to wade through the water should be a little careful laut.Namun liver, along the way, there are rocks are sharp.
But on the other side of Bird Island there is one spot that virtually no stone has a flat karang.Rata-sea floor with fine white sand, so it is possible for tourists to do an activity pool with no fear of a sharp rock.
While on the side of Bird Island, there are some bungalows that stand between pepohanan coconut and can be used for a place to rest.
For those who like surfing and hunting, it is not wrong for these birds around the island, because so many objects that must be points in immortalized with a digital camera.
Well, you are curious about the Bird Island Pacific Islands? just come to Indonesia.

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