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Air Terjun Aling-Aling ,Indonesia.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good afternoon
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My post this time is about one of the waterfalls that exist in Indonesia.
Well let's read together

Aling-aling waterfall is one of the many waterfalls scattered along the hill-Bali Buleleng regency.

The location of this waterfall in the southwest town of Singaraja, in the District Sukasada. singaraja mileage from driving a motor vehicle approximately 10-15 minutes, close enough right? .. Arriving there, we have to walk such stairs follow the path down the cliff face for 15 minutes, until the river then walk against the flow of the creek to see The first waterfall. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag for items such as mobile phones, wallets and cameras, because if you want to be directly in front of the first waterfall we had to cross the river with a depth of 100-150 cm in other words should berbasah-basahan.

In the first waterfall there is a kind of natural pool diameter of approximately 10 meters. there we can swim but be careful, because the water is cold enough can make your body cramps. depth reaches about 4 m.

if it is satisfied with the first waterfall, just reverse the flow of the river to the second waterfall. distance of approximately 500 meters north of the first waterfall. there is also a natural pond, of course, very comfortable for swimming. In addition it has a pretty wide right it feels to relax, opening stores.

From the second waterfall, following the direction of the water flow contained waterfalls third. we can easily see from the second waterfall for a short distance, about 20 m to reach the head of the falls. underneath there is also a fourth waterfall, but to achieve it should run melipir in eastern cliff to a fairly narrow and difficult to pass.

Lastnight i post about the Icon of indonesia thats is Monas
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