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Air Terjun Dolo Kediri , Indonesia.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Helo all ...
how are you today?
whether you are good , right??
this time I will post a nice waterfall in Indonesia ...
want to know what? but we read the first article that I posted yesterday is Pantai Kartini

Kediri has some nice waterfalls, Niagara Dolo. This resort is located in the hamlet Besuki, Jugo Village, District Mojo, Kediri. Distance from Kediri to the west, approximately 25 kilometers. Although a bit far, but the scenery along the road to the location is very beautiful and fairly easy.

Arrive at Besuki, while unwind, we could enjoy the panorama on the village of Jugo, Mojo, around the relay television transmitter towers and cell phones. There we can find Irenggolo Waterfall. After five minutes through the path, waterfall-bertrap this natural trap we can see. Hidden in the pine grove teduhnya and forest, mountain wind gusts, and the unique natural sound.

Satisfied here, we could continue the journey to Dolo. Besuki mileage of about 4 kilometers. Reached the point of dismissal, proceed by foot to the waterfall. The road we passed a design made ​​of rocks combined with the environment. So the natural impression is maintained. Moreover, in certain moments, the sound of birds chirping sound without stopping.

After about 10 minutes up the road sooner or later we will hear the waterfall gemricik. Location of the waterfall tourist area is approximately 1,800 meters above sea level. Being the height of the waterfall itself is estimated to reach 125 meters. So close to this waterfall, we immediately feel the grains of a waterfall that some flying with the wind. The rumble of the water like a complete sensation Dolo Waterfall

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