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Benteng Marlborough ,Java,Indonesia.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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last night i posted Goa Jatijajar and this time I will post a fort that was so nice wanna know what???
let's just follow this article.

Fort Marlborough is the largest British colonial heritage in the Asia region. Fort Marlborough stood proudly and facing south, covers an area of ​​31.5 hectares. One attraction of this fort has a typical 18th century in the form of a turtle. Location of the center fortress city bordering China Village, which is also the area attractions. The fort was built in 1714 - 1719 under the leadership of Governor Joseph Collet. In one room castle was once populated the first President Ir. Soekarno when serving exhaust the Dutch colonial period. After independence Fort Marlborough restored by the government and became one of the attractions of Bengkulu.

Bengkulu is one of the provinces on the island of Sumatra, precisely in southern Sumatra. In the past this area had been the scene of trade competition between England and the Netherlands. They are trying to take control of the commodity (pepper) that was there. In 1664 the Dutch East India Company established the auction there. Sultan of Banten in 1670 issued a new regulation pepper transaction. Regulations that make the Netherlands a loss. For that, in the (1670) Dutch left Bengkulu. They went to Banten in order to master it. There Holland managed to make the Sultan of Banten signed agreements on trade monopoly rights by the Dutch. The agreement was then made the Dutch attention focused only on Banten. And this opportunity is not wasted by England, through its EIC, to go to Bengkulu

After approximately 140 years of the British Government was in Bengkulu, they leave a lot of "legacy" historical heritage. One is Fort Marlborough.Nama fortress uses the name of a British nobleman and hero, that John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough I. The fort is considered the largest in Asia. This heritage has great appeal because of its rarity. This fort was once the center of British colonial rule which controls Bengkulu province for about 140 years (16,851,825)

Construction of the fort Fort Marlborough is indeed very strong with the architectural style of the 20th century England were 'magnificent' and 'established'. The overall shape of the building complex that resembles a cross body fortress 'turtle' is very impressive strength and splendor. The details of building a European Taste to suggest the existence of a great and glorious nation at that time. Of the various relics that are still present in the building citadel can also note that in his time the building also serves as a focal point for various activities including offices, even jail.
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