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Danau Kaolin Tanjung Pandan,Belitung.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Last night was a fun day for me where I can bring my guests  tour again in Bali.
and this time I will post a resort lake in Indonesia.
but before you read my first post last night is Pulau Moyo.

Kaolin lake Tanjungpandan Billiton is one of the attractions belitung apart from the coastal attractions such as the High Cape Coast, Cape Coast Kelayang, as well as island attractions, such as galangal Island, Bird Island, Sand Island, Stone Island yachting, and the island of heels in love.

, these attractions are complementary attractions on the island of Billiton, which certainly can be enjoyed by locals and tourists from luar.Danau Kaolin is located at Jalan Murai, Village District Perawas Tanjungpandan, the journey takes approximately 15 minutes from downtown Tanjungpandan to visit it.

It is called Lake Kaolin, because the first true this place once in use as mine kaolin.Namun currently not operating as sediakala.Bekas-former of the process is kaolin mine, forming holes dug with a form that is big enough.

Gradually it turns out, the hole filled with water, either from rain or from springs at the base of the hole galian.Jika belitung community, often called the former excavation pit of the mine both tin and kaolin yag is already filled with water, as under / KULONG.

Now, through natural processes, such as Kolong it formed an artificial lake that has a stunning beauty, with a characteristic that seemed to have a water color colored biru.Dengan so at this time, the local community and beyond as more familiar call KAOLIN LAKE.

The provision of tour and travel services in belitung, quite pintar.Untuk promote an attraction in belitung, they make Lake Kaolin as one of the tourists who use their services, so that now the lake kaolin has been recognized by many tourists.

The average tourist spent much time there, to conduct photo-foto.Karena sagatlah attraction is fit in the camera shots made photografi.Sedikit lovers of our recommendations, visit the Lake Kaolin is in the morning, because if you're lucky and the right time you will see the sunrise from this phenomenon, which certainly can capture with your digital camera.
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