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Goa Jatijajar,Indonesia.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am very happy because my overnight tour again into a popular place in Bali this.
therefore I did not post last night as tired so instantly fall asleep,
but I am glad to be back again to post for you all.
 I ever posted Pasar Klewer and this time I will post about a cave which is quite popular in Indonesia. and visited by many tourists.
Let's   read together

Goa Jatijajar, in shape by nature over thousands of years to make this cave into a beautiful masterpiece that offers another nuance. Outdoor adventure in the bowels of the earth yet relaxed and fun.

Jatijajar Goa is a cave formed over thousands of years at the foot of limestone mountains. The length of the cave is 250 meters. In Goa Jatijajar this area there are also several other caves such as Goa and Goa Dempok Intan and available park and Monkey Island. Stalactite contained in Goa Dempok formed naturally over hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Until now still maintained its authenticity. Goa diamond is one location with attractions Jatijajar Goa. Goa has its own uniqueness to the ceiling of the cave are relatively high. This limestone mountains stretching from the northern and southern ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape.

According to folk legend, in ancient cave is where meditation Jatijajar Kamandaka Raden, who then got the DI. Raden Kamandaka story was later known as the legendary monkey Kasarung. Visualization of the legend can be seen in a diorama that is in the cave. Legend in the cave depict legends or legends Raden Kamandaka monkey Kasarung. Deorama in pairs and in Goa Jatijajar there are 8 (eight) deorama, the statues there are 32 pieces. The whole legend tells the story of the "Raden Kamandaka - monkey Kasarung"

Inside you can see Goa Jatijajar springs called Spring. The number of spring exists 4 pieces, namely Spring Rose, kantil, Mount Wilson and Puserbumi. Spring Rose believed to have magic power that can make a person stay young, so every visitor always taking the time to wash your face with water the Spring Rose.

Goa is located in the Village Jatijajar Jatijajar, District Father, 23 km South Gombong or 42 miles to the west of the province of Central Java Kebumen. To get to the park Jatijajar Cave tourism, it is not too difficult. If you're taking public transportation, take-Jatijajar Gombong majors. If you want to stay, there are around lokai budget hotels and homestays with affordable rates.
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