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Pantai Kartini , Indonesia.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hy all? how is said today
previously I apologize because I did not post the first few days because I have this job in bali
but this time I will post on a beach. but it's worth reading my first post last night Danau Kaolin

Kartini Beach tourism object is located approximately 2.5 km to the west of Jepara Regency Hall. Precisely in Jepara district Fur village and is the pride of local natural attractions Jepara district that has become a domestic tourist's dream.
The atmosphere around the coast is quite cool and natural, is not that big waves, the fresh air, a vast expanse of white sand and beautiful coral reefs, the attraction for Kartini Beach attractions. With conditions like this beach, visitors can perform various activities such as swimming, soccer, and a walk or just enjoy the scenery, giving a distinct impression to visitors, so this place is very suitable for family recreation or other leisure events.
This place also can release weary visitors by sitting under a gazebo with a breath of fresh air with the sea wind.
Kartini beach is located very easy to reach because it was very close to Jepara city terminal, from terminal visitors can walk or ride a rickshaw to the beach Kartini.

Various supporting facilities such as docks, some turtle aquarium, motel, water games for children and others are available for the visitors. Hiburanlainnya rides the train rabbits, cars and motorcycles ACCU labor for children, as well as a variety of souvenirs of the town of Jepara. O yes at the Kartini beach there is a building in the form of a giant tortoise.
Not far from the tourist areas there are also lodging, restaurant, mini market, and crafts typical of Jepara and there is also a row of souvenir shops marine craft that can be used as a souvenir of the tourists.

When hungry we can enjoy tasty grilled fish that are sold around the site Kartini beach.
Region with an area of ​​3.5 ha of land is a strategic area, because as sea transportation routes to the national marine park tourism Karimunjawa and Long Island. Now also readily available means of transportation to Karimunjawa of the KMP Kartini Beach pier. Moriah takes about 6 hours or can also use the Quick Ship Kartini I takes about 2.5 hours.
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