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Pasar Klewer , Indonesia .

Friday, August 24, 2012

This time I will post the place where you can find batik with special price but previously read my first post last night Air Terjun Aling - Aling

As the largest local batik market in Indonesia, very dear Klewer Market untik not visited, especially for lovers of shopping (clothes). Ranging from batik cotton fabric for tens of thousands, to batik silk worth millions of dollars available in this market.

As an alternative to local attractions (shopping), the quality of the goods offered in the market Klewer, will not lose the items in display mall or boutique, there's even an added value if we shop in this market, as well as the cheap price, the shop at this place, we have developed a petrified traditional markets from now has been widely displaced by the presence of modern markets (mall).

Klewer market that used to come from the merchant market is located on the road Slompretan Dr. Rajiman (formerly known as Secoyudan) in the Village Gajahan, POND Market District. Market activity Klewer exchange specification has the largest textile and batik in Solo and surrounding even famous throughout Indonesia.

Klewer market is an asset of Surakarta who stood on a land area of ​​12,950 m2. The land is a land of former Autonomous / Market Slompretan who then ruled the state of Surakarta City Government Right to Use 8.

According to the story, once the colonial era Klewer Market serves as a stopping train. Communities also use it as a place to sell a variety of products to the passengers until finally known by the name Slompretan Market. The word comes from the slompretan trumpet (trumpet) because the sound of trains that will depart similar to a trumpet is blown.

Slompretan market is also crowded with vendors selling small batik textiles in particular. These merchants hawking their batik by means carried on the shoulders, so it looks berkleweran or berjuntaian batik. Along the way, the market is then better known Klewer Market.
In the 1970s, the market was built to be a permanent two-story building is quite extensive. The buyer will also be more flexible shopping as the market with more than two thousand units of this stall have stairs wide enough so that no impression of overcrowding.
Batik and Textile its Central Wholesale Cheap
Down the aisle and hallways are pretty wide, from one block to another block, different types of clothing made from batik as if calling visitors to buy. Starting from the type of kebaya, fabric, formal shirt, to batik shirt, blouse, beautiful blouse and children's clothing.

Not only the original Solo batik, in this market also has a collection of batik Banyumas, Pekalongan, Madura, Yogyakarta, and others. You can easily find worth tens of thousands of batik and batik best quality at cheaper rates than the famous boutiques. We need smart dalan sellers to offer bargain prices to get the best price. Not only the retail sale, most kiosks also sell wholesale at a much cheaper price.
On the second floor, visitors will find various kinds of textiles, such as school uniforms, shirts, jackets, ties, cotton and silk fabrics. Interestingly, in this market there are also some people who are ready to turn a cloth seamstress who just purchased a type of clothing that you want in less than a day.

Tired of shopping around the textile market, you can go to the front or side of the market. Various culinary tourism has prepared a place unwind once tasted specialties Solo. Pecel rice, rice liwet, tengkleng, timlo, dawet ice, ice gempol and various types of food and beverages ready to become your thirst bidder.

honored for the reader, if you are passing through town solo, it does not hurt if you took time to stop by this market, just traveled or buy batik you want.

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