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Sungai Batanghari ,Jambi ,Indonesia.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Helo all ......
how you word these days?
I hope we are all good - right ...
I apologize for two days I did not post .. because I brought one of the tourist trekking in the mountains in Bali.
well, this time I will post the sights of a river.
let's read together.

If you visit the town of Jambi in Jambi province, then it's not impressive if it did not enjoy the beauty of the Batang Hari River, the longest river in Sumatra. With a length of 3322 km is tipped in West Sumatra, and downstream at the mouth of the east coast of Tanjung district of East Jabung (Tanjabtim) in Jambi Province, Batang Hari River it holds the potential to attract tourism.

Batanghari river kept many historical value. As shipping and trade center in the days of the Malay kingdom of Srivijaya and then Sungai Batang provide great benefits to society of that time until now.

The traders then derived from the Arabic and Chinese, besides using it as Batang river transport and trade, they also made ​​the Batang River flows as a resting place. The merchants were to trade while also spreading the religion of Islam and Buddhism in Jambi.

For transport, the agricultural and plantation in Jambi community located in the upper as Bungo district, Tebo, Merangin, Sarolangun, Batang, and transported to the City of Edinburgh Muarajambi even rubber exports to Singapore using river transportation routes.

All around this river there are also houses occupied by the original inhabitants of Jambi, and to get to the Batang Hari River housing complex, you can use a small boat called a paddle.

  With great potential, as the longest river in the island of Sumatra, has a historical record and the Malay kingdom of Srivijaya, the amount of natural potential that could be developed along the banks of the river, the River Batanghari can be developed into tourism that contributes to regional income and welfare of the community settled along the banks of the river.

do you been read what i posted 2 days ago ?? Gunung Lumut

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