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Curug Cigamea ,Indonesia.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hy all, how are you today,
2 days ago posted an article about Pantai Bandealit , Java ,Indonesia.
and this time I will post a waterfall,
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Cigamea waterfall consists of two major waterfalls with different characters. The first waterfall closer to the entrance, with steep cliffs and walls resemble rocks predominantly black. Pond overflow of water that are below it is not too deep and wide so it can be used for swimming.

While the second waterfall is about 30 meters from the first waterfall and cliffs in crevice. The second waterfall has a height of about 50 meters with a flow of water down the wide divide cliff brownish-black rocks and water spills are quite heavy compared to the first waterfall. Pond overflow water under the second waterfall is quite spacious with water color blue-green in the middle of the pool indicates that section deep enough, so that it can be used for swimming.

At first sight when viewed from the bottom, the water source is above the second waterfall is slightly below the first waterfall, but they are not. From the observations ranging from the entry location, it is clear that this second waterfall has a higher elevation than the water trjun first, but it is covered by thick pepeohonan and a little piece of land that juts into the face, practically the top can not be seen as being in location

This waterfall is located in the Area Tourism Mount Salak Endah (GSE) at the foot of Mount Salak in the shade GHSNP (Mist Mountain Salak National Park). In this area there are also three other waterfall, the waterfall Thousand, waterfall and waterfall Cihurang hide.

Located in the village of Gunungsari, District Pamijahan, Bogor regency, West Java.


Located approximately 38 km from the town of Bogor to the Gate of Mount Salak Endah tourism area. Furthermore, from this gate is approximately 4 miles until arriving at the entrance Curug Cigamea. From the entrance was followed by a walk along the path down the valley approximately 350 m or 20 minutes travel time to arrive at Curug hide.

The road to the site has been pretty good with stone walkways and neatly arranged in the form of a staircase (paving blocks) with limiting iron fence. In some parts of the available shelter resting place to unwind while enjoying the falls from a distance. Also the way will be found some monkeys were approaching usually for food. According to the doorman this waterfall, the monkey could come up 50 tail number.

There are four lines that can be used to get to the Salak Endah. The first is the path Bland (Cibungbulang)-Pamijahan-Salak Endah, then there is a path-Salak Endah Cikampak, Cibatok-Salak Endah and last point-the Castle-Mount Salak Endah Bunder. Generally the first path more traveled, this is due to having the shortest distance and time from the highway-Leuwiliang Bogor. In addition, the physical condition of the road at this point and no better winding.

For those who use public transport from Bogor (Terminal Barangsiang) 03 majors Bubulak ride public transportation, then connected with public transportation back to the majors Leuwiliang. Get off at junction Cibatok or Cibungbulang, then take public transportation back to the majors Mount Picung until the last stop public transportation. From the last stop on the journey continued public transportation by foot or riding a motorcycle taxi to the gate (guard post) Tourism Mount Salak Endah Wana.
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