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Gunung Talamau ,West Sumatera ,Indonesia.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Helo .... how are you today??
have fun??
today we are going to climb the mountain, in West Sumatra
but before we read the first post from yesterday is Sungai Bengawan

Mountain, located in the province of West Sumatra West Pasaman precisely in this, is one of several mountain scenery that has interest in the Minang Kabau. With a height of 2982m above sea level making it the highest peak of West Sumatra. This mountain can be climbed from the village Pinaga. Talamau mountain has its own uniqueness that is at its peak there were a lot of lakes, and are generally amount pond is always different and not always the same each found the climbers. The amount commonly seen is 13 lake. Talamau mountain adjacent to Mount Pasaman all only separated by a river. From the summit of Mount Talamau we can clearly see the summit of Mount Pasaman, or also known as the "Peak Draw Rajo Langik" is a name derived from the name of a king who had reigned in the area Pasaman at once. To reach the summit of Mount Talamau we will pass 6 posts.

From the top of the mountain we could menyadel Talamau or down and up to Mount Pasaman. Residents living around the mountain this Talakmau the livelihoods of farming and the majority of Muslims. The mountain is more manicured dibadingkan with mountain Marapi and Singgalang. Much cleaner, is not separated from the dedication of locals who always maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the climbers mountain-climbers Talakmau irresponsible. For accommodation there and not far from the mountain is Hamco and Breakfast Hotel in Padang Seven Yanti which is about 3 km from the village Pinaga. There are also locations Camping Ground at Tiger Hill Campo which is not far from the location of the waterfall Puti Lenggo Geni. Besides its natural beauty of this mountain are also many fascinating stories keep coming from the legend that is trusted by the local population. As an example when we entered the Padang Siranjano, are required to read "Assalamualaikum" because it is believed the area inhabited by a Kyai. And also the names on the mountain peaks and the lake is also taken by some of the legend that is believed by residents of this Talamau mountain.

ACCESS TRANSPORTASIDari Pinaga Padang village which is the starting point of climbing the village can be reached by using the Bus "PERSADA". The cost is 10,000, - If the city of Bukittinggi, we had to take a bus route Simpang Ampek the cost Rp.13.000, - followed by a ride "Keri" (a type of public transportation) with the cost Rp.3.000, - and less mileage 10km. Official line to the summit is from the village of Mount Talamau Pinaga but also no option other route recently pioneered by "Kuncen" mountain that Daniel Zulekha. The line was started from the village of East Pasaman Malapah. It also can from Durian Cage Maruek Aia. The line will meuju summit of Mount Pasaman new menyadel first and then to the summit of Mount Talakmau. If we climb out of the village and down didesa Durian Pinaga cage, it will take approximately 5 days.
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