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Bingke Berendam , Indonesia.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hy all long we do not talk about culinary tourism in Indonesia ..
This time I am taking the time to post sebuhah culinary tour of Indonesia but first let us first read my post from yesterday :) Goa JatiJajar.

Every region in Indonesia has a distinctive menu that became part of the tradition during fasting. No exception to Pontianak in West Kalimantan, there are the typical snacks that seems to be obligatory during Ramadan menu is Bingke Bath
. Cake with this unique shape is one of the main menu of typical iftar pontianak that will be more easy to find when Ramadan as it is today.

Bingke Bath is a traditional cake that is usually presented with a unique and distinctive, resembling flower hexagon. Bread dough made ​​of rice flour, eggs, sugar, and coconut milk offers a distinctive flavor with a smooth texture. So enjoy a soak bingke is enjoying a combination of two distinctive flavor that is easy on the eyes and pleasant feel.

For this soak bingke name came from out of nowhere and what it means, maybe just because of the cookie dough before it is diluted in roasted so as if we soak the rice flour batter and coconut milk. What is clear is this dip bingke iftar menu mandatory pontianak citizens and also by the mandatory time-of Pontianak.

to make a cake similar to bika ambon glance is quite complicated. This is because we need two times the roasting process, the first on the stove and in the oven into two ovens. Even before cooking soak bingke still use charcoal to be more complicated, perhaps because of the complexity that this cake so special during Ramadan.
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