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Gunung Gandadinata , Sulawesi ,Indonesia.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hy,,, how are you today??
well if your state?
today I will post about one of the mountains in Indonesia ..
want to know what kind of a continuation of this article, I follow my articles below, but first read my first post that I posted two days ago is Sungai Air Beru

Mountain, located under the administrative supervision of the three districts, District Mamasa, Mamuju and Kalumpang districts in South Sulawesi province. The peak of this mountain is also the highest peak of the mountain lined the largest on the island of Sulawesi, the mountains Quarles. It takes 8 to 12 days to reach the summit of this mountain, which due to its location is quite remote and difficult transportation access. This leads to the mountain is rarely climbed. But the beauty of the view from the top of the mountain is not inferior to any other mountain. Conditions pristine forests, fauna native island of Sulawesi, there are many on this mountain Anoa and birds such as hornbill. In this mountain also encountered rivers clear watery.

Transportation Access
This mountain can be achieved from Mamasa, to achieve the following:
Napier (terminal outside the city) - Mamasa
Mamasa - Rante Pongko (last village)
Other alternatives to heading Mamasa:
Polewali - Mamasa
There are 10 post or camp locations that could be used for climbing this mountain. These locations are just a flat land. Climbing trip of Pos Pos I to V through pristine forests and state trail ride down the hill ridge. Not infrequently climbers will find a variety of jungle animals. From Pos Pos V I to take at least 4-5 day trips (depending on the speed of your climbing rhythm).

VI And in the post then we can look at the top of Mount Dual Gods, but of Pos VI to peak again buth 2 day trip. At the Post VII contained water source in the form of rivers large enough and clear watery.

A return trip is quite steep and slippery uphill to reach Pos until Pos VIII and IX. Post
XI suitable for overnight before the attack to the summit the next day.

Heading IX of the summit ascent track passes through many overgrown by moss until the ankle, a lot of fallen trees because the area is quite open and blustery. There are some cliff walls of the avalanche. It took approximately 4 hours from Pos IX to the top. The mountain is there dipuncak triangulation pillar. From the top of this mountain you can enjoy beautiful awe Sulawesi lined mountains as mountains and mountain Latimojong Kambuno. Double mountain resort does need preparation mature enough to climb, but it treats the natural scenery that you can be worth the effort that has been made.

For licensing is not so specific, the climbers should now get Mamasa stopped by to ask for any permission to the elders or traditional leaders there is Mr. Leaf. There's also a good idea to bring a letter from the organization / club or RT / RW and a permit from the police as backup

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