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Kolak Durian , Indonesia .

Monday, October 8, 2012

Helo all after yesterday I posted about a culinary tour of Bingke Berendam , Indonesia. this time I will post the culinary too, want to know what?

when the month of Ramadan comes some food or drink that is always there and it is synonymous with Ramadan salasatunya the compote. If the mumnya compote that we know and we know is that based banana compote or too sweet, so this time I will try to present other than the usual compote compote durian which is typical iftar menu terrain north Sumatra province.

Durian has become an icon of the city field, besides the taste is distinctive and different from the durian from other cities, it also can be processed durian food that tastes good and definitely interesting. The food is always available during the month of Ramadan as it is today, it is usually used as a favorites menu fasting. The food in question was compote durian.

Iftar menu on this one can be said is unique, make the compote menu durian durian lovers this could be another way of enjoying the fruit flavored stinging. and for some people who do not like this fruit in the packing case with a compote you so fond of or even like the fruit.

Because the terrain is paradise durian so the menu is not only available during the month of Ramadan alone, although this month's food menu sellers more and more alone. So when you are on the field it seems you must try it and if you want to try it you can come directly to the jl dr. Mansyur or also in the area near my dream hotel. Dasana we will easily meet this durian seller compote menu.

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