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Museum Kereta Pusaka , Indonesia.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hello after I posted last night on the river Sungai Elo , Indonesia .
this time I will post about a museum, want to know more clearly??
let us follow the following article.

Heritage Railway Museum located only about 100m west Sultan of Jogjakarta. Trains are vehicles in the first President, and also as a Heritage palace, therefore, to preserve and maintain it, this museum was built.

Like a car, the train does have a name, form and function are different. Heritage Railway Museum train store various collections belonging Kraton, some of which are Kyai Garuda Yeksa, Trains used for relay event in a series of crowning lane VI to X, Kyai Sultan Jaladara used for tasks around the village and used amulets Kanjeng Kyai Sultan lane I to III to the event or pick Garebeg special guests.

The names of the trains are on display at the museum include Kyai Jongwiyat train, train Kyai Jolodoro, Roto Blue Train, train Kyai Rejo Pawoko, Landower trains, trains Premili, Kus Ten trains, trains Kapulitin, Kyai Kutha Kaharjo trains, trains Kus Gading, train Puspoko Kyai Manik, Roto Praloyo train, train Kyai Jetayu, Kyai Harsunaba train, train Kyai Wimono Putro, Kyai Manik Retno train, train Kanjeng Nyai Jimad, Mondro Juwolo train, train Garudo Yeksa, Wisman Landower train, train Landower Surabaya , Railway Kyai Noto Puro.

Besides Kareta were on display, there is also a replica of the Sultan HB VIII saddle, the saddle Kyai Cekatha. Sultan the original saddle adorned with gold and diamond grains.

Forms also train differentiate functions and users. The first type of train used by the Sultan for recreational vehicles. The second type is used by several prominent groups such as the sultan's guards, palace dance troupe, and the commander of the palace soldiers. The third is a special train Sultan and his family.

Kyai Ratapralaya Rotowijayan made in the village is a special hearse for the deceased sultan. Historically, this train new used twice.
As a heritage palace, trains tesebut also honored form jamasan event. Jamasan is the activity of bathing, cleaning, and prayers to God Almighty.
Jamasan heritage palace always falls on a Tuesday or Friday POND POND every first Suro month (the first month of the Javanese calendar). Jamasan heritage Yogyakarta Palace ceremony took place in two places, namely in Gedong Heritage and the Heritage Railway Museum Yogyakarta palace.
 Implementation inheritance jamasan Railway Heritage Museum exclusively for railway heritage. The ceremony was led by the heritage railway jamasan elder courtiers who guarded the palace museum in jamasi tersebut.Kereta mandatory every year is the train Nyai Jimat.Kereta Nyai train oversized amulet is Sultan HB Sultan HB I to IV are considered as elders trains are other.
And jamasan procession has become an unofficial tourism agenda in Jogjakarta, Every time held jamasan, Yogyakarta and surrounding Many residents who flocked to witness the procession jamasan.
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