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Sungai Elo , Indonesia .

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello all ...
how are you today?
This time I want to share info about rafting ..
want to know what?? and better you read my posted  last night thats it's Sungai Bongka .

For lovers of adventure sports tourism can try arum rafting or river rafting in Elo, Magelang. In Jogja, professional rafting lovers, usually satisfy the desires of his adventures by going to Progo that is located in the district of Kulonprogo. However, the rapids in the river Progo too dangerous for beginners. Well, to be more safe, you can try river rafting in Elo which is already in the district of Magelang, namuni still relatively close to Yogyakarta. What can be taken about 1.5 hours on a motorbike. While you can rent motor in Jogja reservation through the site After reaching the location, you can enjoy white-water rafting on this river with rapids difficulty level 2 until 3, with the distance 13 km which can be reached between 2-3 hours.

If you want to try this one adventure, you can come to start it, ie, in the Bridge Blondo, Magelang. In this place there are managers that you can meet. After paying the fee, you will be put into a team that contains 5-6 people for an inflatable boat. After that the operator will set up all the equipment. Before the act, there is a guide that will provide guidance on the rules of rafting. We were also taught how to hold the paddle, the equipment, to rescue yourself. Then participants warming up together team. Finish rafting near Mendut which is a meeting place with Progo. Place finishnya beruba flat land, which is about 1 km from Mendut.

Location: River Elo, excl. Mendut, Kab. Magelang.
Tickets participants: Rp. 150.000, - per person.
Facilities: inflatable boat, safety equipment rafting (include vest, helmet, paddle), guide services (river guide), snacks, insurance, transportation equipment.
Access: from Jl. Magelang Mendut direction.

TIPS: Requirements to be participants rafting or river rafting in Elo, it must be sufficiently mature age and sound mind. During this exercise, it would be better and safer if you use equipment with standard procedures

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