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Pulau Peucang , Indonesia .

Friday, November 2, 2012

Helo all ... it was great to be able to post articles for you all
this time I will post an article on an island!
want to know more about the island?? but first read my last post ..  Air Terjun Dua Warna Sibolangit , North Sumatera ,Indonesia ,Indonesia.

Peucang Island is a small island in the Park is home. To get there, take a 8 hour road trip + 3 hour sea voyage. From Jakarta we had to pass through Merak toll. At the time of leaving for Ujung Kulon, Cilegon-route us through the park. Whereas when I got home, we decided to go to Anyer through Toll peacock. From 2 route this road trip, we recommend Cilegon-Pandeglang route because the road is smoother, but it needs a little attention in scrutinizing directions. While combing through the coastal route

Anyer easier direction, but a big hole to force us less able to accelerate the vehicle to the maximum. Sea travel for 3 hours taken from the village well, where there is also a well in the village of Pulau Umang sights. After 1 hour at sea, we started not getting a signal. Our vacation time was really a holiday, without interruption office phone sometimes still go on weekends. We had become alienated from the outside world, but we enjoyed it for rental boats from the village wells to Peucang Island commute, we must pay Rp 2.8 million with a capacity of 10-15 people. This ship cost includes the cost of our meal while on the island Peucang
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