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Air Terjun Grojogan Sewu , Indonesia.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Helo guys ..
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now i will post about waterfall
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Spectacular waterfalls on the island of Java, altitude 81 meters. Superb! In fact, a few tens of meters of core Grojogan, beads of water still able splashed on your face. In the highland region, where tons and tons of water fell freely tossed earth, trees are still growing asrinya. Green moss coupled with the cool air at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level, citing one-ad products as make life more lively.

In addition, in the northern part of the main waterfall, flows are also several waterfalls cascade so it is worth it sewu-imbued word meaning thousand. In addition to long-tailed monkeys, which can be found also squirrels and many species of birds. Once upon a time, the population reaches an unexpected monkey exceed the carrying capacity of the ecosystem so that for a period of 5-10 years in Grojogan Sewu, monkey trap was installed.

Monkeys are caught will be moved to several locations, including the Solo and protected forest area Pangandaran Beach, West Java. Currently, the monkey population is estimated at 100 individuals. Plant vegetation that can be found include pine trees, tree resin, calothyrsus trees, flower trees, and trees that are large bendo.

It goes without much thought, immediately pack up, and ventured into Grojogan Sewu! Distance of 40 kilometers from Surakarta to Tawangmangu Market, can be reached by bus is great just by paying Rp 3,500 per person. From Market to the location Grojogan Sewu Tawamangu reachable by Mitsubishi L 300 for RP 1,000 per person.

Surakarta-Grojogan Sewu can be reached in one hour. But the problem is that the buses are only runs until 17:30 to 18:00. Benighted travelers who rent a car for Rp 100,000 berpenumpang nine people to the Surakarta.

Grojogan Sewu equipped tourist areas are also numerous lodging for travelers, whether benighted or deliberately overnight. The fee ranges from Rp 30,000-Rp 500,000 per night. Do not over-exert yourself looking for a room with air conditioning, hot water even the one that is a luxury here.

According to the State Tourism Grojogan Sewu, Wanto, average daily waterfall is visited by about 1,200 visitors. But of course this number fluctuates from day to day. On weekends, the area is filled with 3000-5000 tour visitors.

Only by paying Rp 4,000 per individual, a tourist area covering approximately 20 hectares of the 65 hectares of conservation areas to explore, including the chance to play in the water and swim two pool again at no charge, except for clothing and tire rental pool.

Equestrian can also be used as an alternative entertainment. Travelers can ride for an hour to pay Rp 25,000, riding into the waterfall area at Rp 40,000, or riding into Terminal Tawangmangu by only paying Rp 15,000.

Interestingly, according to the information to local residents, horses can be hired to drive up to Sukuh by paying Rp 100,000 one way. And, is not forgotten horses can also be rented to the summit of Mount Lawu to pay Rp 500,000! Well, you want to try?
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