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Air Terjun Suhom ,Aceh ,Indonesia.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Helo all!!
how are you today?
I am happy because I am finally posting about a nice waterfall in my opinion,
but earlier is better if you read my article that I posted a few days ago Pantai Lombang ,Indonesia.

Location nature Waterfalls Suhom, today especially on any holiday is always crowded crowded with visitors who enjoy recreation, both locals and foreign tourists. Unlike the case when the condition persists Aceh conflict, very few people who visit there.
Visitors from out of town or foreign tourists who visit usually want to know more in depth about the ins and outs of Suhom Falls, where there are tour guides that come from local residents.

This waterfall crowded especially after the Tsunami disaster, previously only beach resorts frequented by tourists.
The position of the waterfall is set amidst beautiful natural scenery and natural. In the surroundings there are many durian, durian season so much that selling durian around the falls. In addition, around the waterfall there is also a location that can be used for camping (camping).
A raging waterfall is also a source of electrical energy for people around the waterfall Kreung Kala village. A micro hydro power plants have been built near the waterfall and operated to power the 200 families (Head of Family) Kreung Kala village residents.
All the way from Banda Aceh to the location of the waterfall, stunning scenery unfold with incredible beauty, waves and white sand looks close along the way, and looks too high mountain ranges and beautiful.
The waterfall is located in the village of Kala Kreung Suhom and Village, District Lhoong, Aceh Besar, Aceh province, Indonesia.
To achieve Waterfall Suhom of Banda Aceh, it takes approximately one hour using public transport. Way there via the route Banda Aceh - Calang (Aceh Jaya), passing Lampuuk Beach, Beach Lhoknga and Leupung District.
Every day, especially on Saturdays and Sundays the place is located about 55 kilometers from the center of Banda Aceh was often visited by hundreds if not thousands of people from Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, even some who had come from Lamno, Aceh Jaya.
In addition to having an extensive bathing pools and deep, the visitors can also enjoy the green scenery and treats and drinks from a local shop run by a relatively cheap price.
And for visitors who are curious about the source of the flow of the waterfall located at the top of the mountain can trace it by climbing a steep staircase. But for this one thing only allowed for men only, according to a written management of attractions in the stairwell door.

"Specialization track climb to the top for men is intended to prevent the occurrence of many things that are contrary to Islamic Sharia, moreover there are very dense forest and away from the Mobile coverage our eyes," said one local resident, Abdullah.
Although in times of conflict, this attraction was abandoned and neglected, but now waterfall Lhoong start again ogled by local and foreign tourists as well as the environment became more well organized and clean.
"In times of conflict, this area includes the highly vulnerable even to the black zone. So it's only natural that the first waterfall Lhoong is rarely known by people, "said Abdullah.
Meanwhile, Mistaruddin, visitors from Banda Aceh said the waterfall is an excellent Lhoong he enjoy doing for a visit, while still very natural, the place also within easy reach.
"Indeed, the Banda Aceh - Meulaboh is currently still under construction, but even so the mileage to get here could still be passed by vehicles and only takes 1 hour from the city of Banda Aceh," said Mistaruddin.

So for those of you who love nature and the attraction was natural, it never hurts to try to visit the waterfall Lhoong, Aceh Besar in order to enjoy the natural scenery tired tired during work may be lost once you get there.

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