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Pulau Babi , Indonesia.

Friday, January 11, 2013

How are you today?
I am very pleased to be able to post for you.
because I promise you will post as usual anymore.
Well before I post about the 10 most read articles in my blog.
this time I will post about an island. /
want to know what??
let's just follow the following article.

Pig Island is one of the main points of interest in the Pacific Islands in addition to Cape Coast and Island High galangal. Another name of this island is the Island kepayang. So do not be surprised later fit ship docked to the island, instead of reading Pig Island, but reads kepayang Island. And did you know make a real intoxicated. Want to know the story?
Island Hopping

Island hopping or roving from one island to another is a must when visiting this Pig Island. We visited several islands without inhabitants such as galangal Island and other islands which of course can not be separated from the giant rocks beautiful ornaments.

Like the other islands around the Pacific Islands, Pig Island also has a lot of giant granite boulders. Shape the rock is very diverse, often resembling something very familiar to us. There is a peach-shaped stone, whale-shaped head, shaped head cakil monsters, and so forth.

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