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Gua JatiJajar ,Java,Indonesia.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello Guys . how are you today? I hope we are all fine :)
oh I 'm sorry to my loyal visitors have been almost 3 months I did not post again on this blog due to my account can not be accessed again ,
but finally I could come back to post an article about travel .
so to my loyal visitors . do not think that this blog is not in the care anymore .
ok lets talk about this article . Last post articles that I post is , Gua Buniayu , Java , Indonesia .
and in so today I will post about the cave is also located around the central java

Jatijajar cave is a natural cave that was originally formed from limestone . This cave was first discovered by a farmer named Jayamenawi in 1802 . The story , while it took the grass of the field , he was mired in a hole . Some residents tried to help Jayamenawi by ridding the land of the manhole cover . They apparently found that the hole leads into the cave . It is estimated that a vent hole cave .

Overall length of Jatijajar cave entrance to the exit to 250 meters . While the cave reaches 12 meters high , 15 meters wide , and the thickness of the ceiling 10 feet . When measured from sea level , high Jatijajar cave can reach 50 meters .

Jatijajar cave was built and developed as a tourist attraction in 1975 . Initiators are Suparjo Rustam , when he was a governor of Central Java . Who acted as project manager Jatijajar cave development is CV . AIS of Yogyakarta , led by Mr. Saptoto , an artist who is quite famous deodrama homeland . After waking Jatijajar cave , the management of tourism is undertaken by the Local Government Dati II Kebumen .

In front of a tourist attraction Jatijajar cave , there is a statue of a dinosaur as an important symbol of the cave . Visitors who enter the cave mouth will automatically pass this dinosaur statue . This statue looks out of water , as the mouth of a spring that is inside the cave , which is from the Spring ( river ) magnolia and Spring Rose . The water is believed to not be exhausted , even in dry weather conditions though . This water is used by people around Cave Jatijajar as irrigating their paddy fields .

As I walked deeper into the cave room again , visitors will see there are a lot of beautiful scenery . The room in the cave is illuminated with many lights , ranging from entry -way to the outside , so visitors need not worry about the lighting conditions there . On the ceiling of the cave is a hole for ventilation cave . In the middle of the room there is a circular seat that can be used as a seat visitors who want a break , as he looked around the room in the cave .

Visitors can see a lot of ornaments stalactites , stalagmites , and limestone pillar ( as the meeting between stalactites and stalagmites ) . There, visitors can also see eight deodrama installed , plus the statues are 32 pieces . The sculptures tell the story of Raden Kamandaka , which was then known as Legend Kasarung monkey . It is said that this cave was once the hermitage Raden Kamandaka , crown prince Raja Padjadjaran , to get a DI . Why Raden Kamandaka to be imprisoned in this area ? Because when it is , Kebumen in the territory of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran with its capital in central Bogor ( Batutulis ) , now entered the area of West Java . Visualization of these legends can be seen in diodrama that is in the cave .

Visitors can then proceed down the stairs in a way that is part of the tail of the dinosaur statue . In the basement there are several underground rivers ( spring ) which is still active . The rivers is one of the privileges Jatijajar cave . Noted there are four spring ( according to other sources there are seven spring , but the data could be obtained only four alone ) , the Spring Rose , magnolia Spring , Spring Mount Wilson , and Spring Puser Earth . The flow of water in the Spring Rose through the narrow hole that penetrates to the outside of the cave . Likewise with magnolia Spring water flow . It is said that if visitors can get close and wash my face with water in the Spring Rose , then he will stay young . There is also a belief that if someone is washing your face or shower with water Moderate magnolia , the intention or will his dream come true quickly . Meanwhile , by the manager of a tourist attraction Jatijajar Cave , Spring and Spring Puser Jombor deliberately sacred Earth . If you want to explore the tunnel through two spring cave , visitors must have a very strict permission from the manager .

To get to these attractions , visitors do not need to be confused . Therefore , its location can be easily achieved . Visitors can use a private vehicle or public transportation . If you want to use public transport , visitors need to ride public buses Gombong - Jatijajar majors in Terminal Deal.

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